Quirky Nature

A quirk of Nature

From San Fransisco Bay north, nature rollicks in one of her favorite playgrounds. Rampant sunshine, delicious soil and juicy winter rainfall encourage all sorts of verdancy; mushroomy forest, lazy vines and rolling meadow hills. Micro-climates abound within a couple miles of each other and offer amazing variety of what can grow and which creatures favor it. The coast teems with fantastic life and mountain lions, bears, coyotes remind us that we are just ONE of the dominant life forms here. Clouds of great and small herons graze alongside the cows and horses, ospreys dodge hawks as they haul fish back to their treetop stick-pile mansions. And all this within a few miles. Drive a little more and you’ll sweat in a beautiful desert – turn the wheels slightly and you are playing in the snow amongst granite and pines.


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