Quirkutopia’s history is steeped in getting steeped. Grapes and hops both have a formidable presence in history and at the table. There is hardly a town without both a ring of wineries, big and small, and a brewery proudly bubbling up award-winning specialty ales, stouts and barley wines. Adding to the heady mix of options are a multitude of craft distillers bottling up vodkas, rums, gins, brandies, whiskey, liqueurs and grappas.

For those living an alcohol free life, there are copious cafes with artisan roasting of the magic bean, some of the most prominent and humble tea crafters and farmers squeezing fresh juices that can be picked up at the local farm stands and markets and brought along on picnics and tasting tours. We’ll be sharing the favorites with all you sippers. The only thirst in Quirkutopia is the thirst for life!


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