We are two professionals and good friends who also happen to be mother and daughter. Both have been deeply involved in the written world.  After years of unofficially collaborating and editing each others writing, we we decided to have some fun and do a project together. We both have a blast sharing the delights of our quirky wonderful part of the world (that inspired Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia series) and are going public with our explorations and discoveries. We do get farther afield, too, and let you in on the quirks of our travels. We aren’t shy with our opinions on just about everything, and look forward to hearing yours!

Heather Granahan & Andrea Granahan


A Wilder Business – Heather

Wall-eyed in Barcelona – Heather

Island Treasures – Heather

Feed Stop #1: Rollerville Cafe – Heather

Thirst Parlor #2: Rocky Flats Lounge – Heather

The Spore Recovery Of New Orleans – Heather

Tour de Cluck – Heather

Captain Mom – Andrea

Steamy Tech – Heather and Andrea

Trained For Poshness – Heather

Art That Just Gets Butter and Butter – Heather

Thirst Parlor #1 – Heather

Fort Rossiya – Andrea and Heather

Quirky Festivals Old and New – Heather

What Fools We Mortals (Love To) Be! – Andrea

Whey Cool – Heather

Ranger Rick – Heather

No Gnomes – Heather

Quirky Phoenix – Heather and Andrea

North and South California – Heather and Andrea

Gung Hay Fat Choy – Andrea

NON-Santo – Heather

The color purple – Andrea

Mushrooming interest – Heather

Whale of a season – Andrea

A bit crabby – Andrea

CSA? – Heather

Da Crush! – Andrea

DIY – Just Not alone – Heather


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