Thirst Parlor #2 Rocky Flats Lounge

 Rocky Flats Lounge

In the stony reaches at the foot of the Colorado Flatirons, midway between Boulder and Golden, there is a cluster of shacks that house one the quirkier places to quench and dine in the state. We watched for the creaking metal sign and parked the motorcycle near the leaning back gate where the regulars enter.

Watch for the creaky metal sign
Photo by Heather Granahan

Once a place to get payed, now a place to play.
Photo by Heather Granahan


Rocky Flats Lounge is a watering hole on the site of a long closed-and-cleaned nuclear weapons plant. It was transformed in 1978 from the former payroll office. Their signature T-shirts urge you to “Get Nuclear Wasted”.

Finery from the Lounge

Another excellent wardrobe choice

The original owner was from Wisconsin and made the place a mecca for all who bleed green and gold; ex-pat cheese-head Packer fans lost in Colorado. He also started importing walleye and perch for still popular Friday night fish fries.

Some die-hard fans of Wisconsin fish dig in on Fish Fry Friday night at Rocky Flats Lounge, watched over by the cheesehead/motorcycle helmet. That about covers the bases.
Photo by Heather Granahan

Yeah, it’s open at night for fun and (Packer) games. But you”ll  miss the view.

The gritty pleasure of the place is in the outdoor facilities: the metal shack of a porch outside where the regulars hang and can watch games on an old TV.

C’mon in the back way, drop your helmets and grab a beer. Dawgs welcome.
Photo by Heather Granahan

Out back, you can gaze across the rocky flowered fields at the Flatirons, prop your feet on an old wire spool and drink a brew or throw a horseshoe.

Doesn’t get much more relaxed. Pull up a chair.
Photo by Heather Granahan

We’ve got your entry for Best Bar View – right here.
Photo by Heather Granahan

Camping happens, and there are a couple RVs that appear pretty ensconced, tucked between some midcentury transportation. Whatever your mode, 2 or 4 wheel, roll on out to Rocky Flats Lounge when you’re in the neighborhood, and get some real bang for your buck.

Camp for a day or two. Play some horseshoes.
Photo by Heather Granahan

Or stay a little longer.
No. Not THAT long.
Photo by Heather Granahan

Pretty sure the Studebaker starts, if you need a ride out. But why leave.
Photo by Heather Granahan



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