Tour de Cluck

Tour de California – or France, you are being outdone by just about the quirkiest bicycle event in the world.

No, not this. Though around here, who knows what’s next. Photo of a  miniature we are bidding for on on ebay

It happens in Quirkutopia’s territory of Northern California in the laid-back town of Davis, home of University Of California Davis. Many know Davis as the bicycle capitol of the US, with something like 22% of the residents regular riders. (Boulder claims a higher per capita ownership, but fewer riders). Davis likes bikes.

Bikes and agriculture meet in Davis, CA. Photo sent by a remains-anonymous contributor, from, we think

Perhaps influenced by the agricultural focus of the original college core, the folks in Davis also like chickens. They like them so much many of them build chicken mansions to house them. Once a year in May they open them to the public for a bicycle coop crawl.

A mansion for Her CluckinessesPhoto courtesy of

On the Tour de Cluck everything gets fowl – even some of the riders who dress as chickens. All sorts of bikes show up – unicycles to six seater tandems. The bikes get decorated, the coops get decorated, the chickens dress up. We think. The humans definitely do.

In full regalia for the Tour de Cluck. Photo courtesy of

There’s entertainment, food – with an emphasis on eggs. We are particularly curious about  the combination of eggs and entertainment. And there are chickens everywhere. They literally rule the roost.

A wee treehouse for a couple hens. Damn, my own house doesn’t even have that much trim. Photo courtesy of

Tickets for the event are reasonable, just $15 this year for the day long event, but don’t try to get tickets this year. They are sold out! Maybe make like a ChickenHead and hang around the starting point point in tie-die chicken outfits, pouting with “hoping for a miracle” signs..?

Bamboo bus coop! No, not on the Davis crawl; somewhere in Oregon, from Craigslist but way too cool not to show you !

Another of the bus coop. One of the coolest things ever. Thank you,Oregon for keepin it quirky in Cluckutopia!


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