Art That Just Gets Butter and Butter

Self portrait of the artist. Photo Courtesy Fred Stasek

What happens when you combine a fine artist with a fine woodworker and steep him in locations like Hawaii, Italy, Fiji, Vermont, Tallahassee and Fanning Island during his formative years? If you are very fortunate, you get Berkeley-born Fred Stasek, who works in an old converted creamery in the rolling ranch-studded hills of Western Quirkutopia.

Fred is a painter, woodworker, writer and musician who works in and on many mediums, including luminously painted heavy silk which he fashions into multi-paneled Room Screens that glow when back-lit. Inspired by years of fine custom woodwork, Fred crafts elegant frames of red oak, maple and polar for these screens that stand alone as works of art themselves. Check out his gallery at – there may even be one available. The Screens are some real play for the eyes, even on your computer screen.

One of Fred Stasek’s glowing silk Room Screen paintings. You know you want one. We know we do! Photo courtesy Fred Stasek

Like many true Quirks, Fred Stasek fosters several creative interests. His pursuits in the musical realm have loaned his work a rhythm and play of composition and color.

Mr. Stasek has long had a way with watercolor. An early small work by Fred Stasek, personalized birthday card, 5”x7”, mid 90’s. Photo by Heather Granahan

Early F. Stasek watercolor, 1987
Courtesy Heather Granahan

For a Dancer, 5”x7” small work by Fred Stasek, mid 90’s. Photo by Heather Granahan

 The Bodega artist enclave was founded decades ago as The Old Creamery decades ago by several well-known artists and print-makers.

The Old Creamery in its early life; 1969, Bodega, California.

Years ago, many small towns sported their own creameries – this one was a co-operative that made butter and cream with the surrounding ranchs’ milk. Current Old Bodega Creamery output is nourishing and vital art.

Butter yet: a very old butter wrapper from the original co-operative creamery in Bodega, CA. Label courtesy Heather Granahan


2 responses to “Art That Just Gets Butter and Butter

  1. very nice work ! espescially on the panels ,I’m not much of a blogger , but this has become one of my favorites ,keep ’em coming !

  2. Thank you, Sir Russell! Fred is a talented Quirk indeed. You may also like the blog strawberryindigo – she follows as here as well and has a nifty Portland-based blog (your neck of the woods).

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