No Gnomes?

Pink flamingos? I think not.

Quirkutopian yards are anything but a uniform march of hedges and lawn gnomes. Or at least not your Grandma’s gnomes. Is the art just spilling out of the houses and into the yards? Are these gestures of exuberant expression or just clever happenstance? It’s helpless trying to figure out a quirk’s yard. Just enjoy.

Patrick Amiot's street art. Photo Scott Beale / Laughing Squid,

Of course, some are getting rather well-known and even finding a living creating some serious found-object creations. Patrick Amiot of Sebastopol, CA is one such playful soul. His family has been spotted biking to school with helmets adorned with strainers and scrub-brush Mohawks. One street famously sports his figures that mimic the residents or their favorite things in front of every house. A mermaid with can-top scales lounges in front of one house while down the street 7-foot Owl and Pussycat with tail-light eyes sail happily in a pea-green boat. Next door a fireman enjoys a tiny red engine complete with little metal found-art dude driving it. His pieces appear in yards, cattlefields and in front of schools and businesses; some in unexpected places, some in unexpected sizes!

10 foot hen with a windvent comb and metal pan chicks. So metallic and yet maternal. We suspect Mr. Amiot's hand in these.

Some find inspiration in objects both fun and ..well, a little creepy..and some are both. One quirk’s African Baby Garden Princess  is another’s…oogling sprite?

Guarding the lushness: Babydoll bit re-purposed into garden "votives"

In a land where your home might front a forest, a rocky coastal meadow, or just maybe an actual yard, HOAs are in the minority and joyful yard interpretation is spreading like Bermuda grass!


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