The color purple

If you see a lady dressed in purple and wearing bright scarves and belts out in a field painting and sipping wine, it is most likely Annie Murphy Springer. Annie Murphy Springer is currently known as a very talented watercolorist, and entertaining teacher. But she has a habit of reinventing herself. She used to be the fire chief of Bodega when there were only three women fire chiefs in the entire country. She not only was chief, she wrote the state manual on running small volunteer departments.

 In another of her lifetimes she organized Oakland motorcycle gangs to do community improvement work, and taught them literacy. She is still an honorary Oakland Ramp Rat.

Quirkutopia is proud of its blonde bundle of energy always in purple and wearing braids.

The local public television station features her in mini two-minute watercolor lessons called The Wonders of Watercolor. She may be expanding it into a 13 week, half hour series in the near future.

Her work is always recognizable ­ as there’s bound to be a lot of purple. She does plein air painting in the wonderful landscapes of Quirkutopia and mindscapes of her own. You can check out some of her lessons at her website


One response to “The color purple

  1. Annie sounds like my kind of lady!

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